on Physicalist, Forma, mind-bogglingly skilled with their synthesizers, push themselves further and further into new territory—almost literally—as they pare back, slow down, spread out, dig into the (American) soil beneath their feet.”

-The Quietus

A far-reaching double LP, Physicalist blends swirling arpeggios, ambient soundscapes, and driving motorik beats with free-flowing experiments on piano, flute and percussion. The first FORMA album to feature acoustic instrumentation, Physicalist owes more to American composers like Harold Budd or Terry Riley than Klaus Schulze and other Krautrock visionaries.

Recorded with Al Carlson at Gary’s Electric studio in Brooklyn. Original artwork by Robert Beatty. Liner notes essay by Michael Barron. Mastered by Bob Weston.


FORMA is a trio formed in 2010 in Brooklyn, NY, currently consisting of members Mark Dwinell, George Bennett and John Also Bennett. FORMA’s mixture of minimalism, ambient explorations, kosmische, and frenetic rhythm has captivated the international experimental music community since their 2011 self-titled debut on John Elliott’s influential Spectrum Spools label. Following 2012’s darker OFF/ON, the trio stepped onto the perimeter of the dance floor with their Cool Haptics EP on The Bunker New York (2014). Physicalist (2016), their debut for Kranky, was a shift in a new direction for the group - their first recording to utilize acoustic instrumentation alongside their formidable electronic arsenal. FORMA’s celebrated live performances - extended, often improvisational journeys using an interconnected array of modular synthesizers and acoustic sounds - draw a wide range of synth, noise, ambient and dance music devotees into their realm.




FORMA Winter 2018 Tour Flyer_V5.jpg

1/25/17 - Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club

1/26/17 - Madison, WI @ Mickey's Tavern

1/27/17 - Minneapolis, MN @ Drone Not Drones Festival

1/28/17 - Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle

Email Matthew Duane at for booking inquiries.



12/2/17 - Brooklyn, NY @ Murmur Theatre w/ Do Make Say Think

10/22/17 - Toronto, ON @ Baby G

10/21/17 - Montreal, QB @ Suoni Per Il Popolo

10/13/17 - Queens, NYC @ HOLO (1090 Wyckoff Ave)

3/11/2017 - Brooklyn, NY - Villain w/ Hans Joachim Roedelius

4/13/17 - Milan, Italy @ Masad

4/12/17 - Kiev, Ukraine @ Plivka

4/09/17 - Berlin, Germany @ West Germany

4/7/17 - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ World Minimal Music Festival

4/6/17 - Antwerp, Belgium @ Het Bos

4/5/17 - Lasaunne, Switzerland @ Le Bourg

4/4/17 - Basel, Switzerland @ Eulysia

4/1/17 - Aachen, Germany @ Musikbunker

11/28/16 - Pittsburgh, PA @ 4614 Liberty

11/27/16 - Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class

11/26/16 - Chicago, IL @ Constellation

11/25/16 - Akron, OH @ Hive Mind

11/23/16 - Columbus, OH @ The Summit

11/22/16 - Baltimore, MA @ The Crown

11/21/16 - New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge

11/20/16 - Montreal, QB @ La Vitrola

11/19/16 - Worcester, MA @ The Firehouse

11/18/16 - Boston, MA @ Hexproof Arts Lab

11/5/2016 - Boston, MA - Boston Hassle Fest

11/2/2016 - Brooklyn, NY - Good Room w/ Silver Apples